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Screen Printing

A majority of the printing K. C. Merchandising does for its customers is screen printing but from time to time certain products or logos are better suited to using the transfer printing method which involves heat pressing plasitol, foil, flock or CAD-cut vinyl onto garments.

When to use transfer printing?
Individual Names and Numbers 
One-off samples for client meetings or press events 
Multicoloured logos that need to look bright and bold 
Nylon fabrics – waterproofs, hi-vis jackets, umbrellas 
Lycra(R) or Spandex sports and leisurewear 
Flock effect – luxurious velvet-like pile transfer 
Metallic effect – high gloss metallic print

How our Heat Press works
Unlike screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, transfers sit on top of the garment. This means they look sharp and bright because the garment base colour does not affect the design. A transfer can be made in a number of different ways and then is applied to the garment using a heat press. We normally use ‘cold peel’ transfers so the garment is left to cool and then the backing paper is removed, leaving the transfer bonded to the garment.

Are garment vinyl transfers durable?
Transfers are fully wash and colour fast to 40?c in all popular washing products, some can even be washed up to 60?c, can be dry cleaned and even tumble dried at low temperature. In any case this all depends on the garment used.
PROS – No setup costs, long lasting, sharp designs, ideal for small runs.
CONS – more expensive than printing, especially for large designs, More costly for larger runs.


How does it work?
Sublimation itself is a process used to imprint a design or image onto products with a polymer-based surface. First the artwork is designed or scanned into your computer. The design is then printed using sublimation ink onto sublimation transfer paper, and heat applied to the receptive product such as a coated mug using a heat press.

One of the biggest challenges facing T-shirt decorators is how to produce shorter runs profitably. The sublimation system solves this problem with the use of Subli-T and Subli-Polo, our specially designed T-shirts and polo shirts. These feature a polyester outer, allowing photo realistic images to be dyed into the fabric. The result is stretchable, extremely durable and can be washed without fading.
We can supply a huge range of items that are suitable for sublimation transfers, enabling you to capitalise on the ever increasing demand for low volume runs of personalised business gifts and promotional products.
Other products that can be used are:

Mouse mats
Aluminium business cards

PROS – No setup costs, sharp designs, ideal for “one off’s” and small runs, full colour at no extra cost, Produce photo quality images in vibrant colour or monochrome, works on variety of products, Durable and high performing Subli-T and Subli-Polo prints are permanent.
CONS – Only works with White (polyester coated) garments, not cost effective for larger runs.