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FAQs & Delivery Time

All orders are dealt with as swiftly as possible but can takes between 3 to 7 working days (from receipt of payment) for us to get your garments to you. As soon as we have customised your garments they are dispatched to a UK mainland delivery address using our courier on a 24 hour service, Monday to Friday, up to 5pm for delivery.

Number of Items Cost (ex VAT)

1-72 (1 box)


72-144 (2 boxes)



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We can also offer a ‘Express Service’ option which allows you to get your garments next day before Noon. This service is not always available in peak periods so please check for availability before placing an order.

Number of Items

Cost (ex VAT)

1-72 (1 box)


72-144 (2 boxes)



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We also understand that you may require the finished garments quicker we can usual accommodate you but this depends on our work load. As you can appreciate all order are taken on a first come, first serve basis, if we do “push” you in you have to understand that this would involve after hours working as well as weekends, this would incur an additional charge. For example on a small run of say 10 tops required within 2 days would incur a 50% additional charge. This is not always the case but all depending on the current work commitment.

Royal Mail

For smaller quantity, we can post our using Royal Mail, 1st class recorded delivery, prices are as follows:

First T-shirt –  £2.50, for each additional T-shirts going to the same address, add £1 per T-shirt

First Top –  £3.75, for each additional top going to the same address, add £3.00 per top.

Pique Polo-shirts 
First Polo-shirt-  £3.00, for each additional top going to the same address, add £2.00 per top.


Your choice, in fact we appreciate this, our customers can see our workshop and see us at work. Best of all you save the courier costs!




deliveryDoes it matter how many garments I order?

The minimum quantity of any one particular garment is normally 1, but you must remember the more garments you order the lower the price becomes. For example a 1 x standard T-shirt with a name/logo, one position would cost £20 but if you ordered 3, with the same design the cost would work out at £15 per top.

Do I have to order the same style of garments?

No, for example you could order 5 x Red T-shirts, 5 x White Polo shirts (10 items in total). You would have to make sure that the ink colour would be the same for all the garments (ie. Red & White tops with a Black colour design) otherwise a colour change charge would apply of £8, the reason for this is because we would have to stop production and clean out the screen thoroughly to ensure that no ink residue of the previous ink is left in the screen otherwise you would get a colour mix and the finished result would be a two toned colour design. 

Do you print supplied garments?

We can do and have done in the past. The only thing that we ask is that you send us a sample for us to test. In the past we have had customers buying a cheap quality tops from certain well known High Street “outlet” stores and this has resulted in numerous problems from the ink/design not being transferred to the top, washing off after one wash, scorch marks after it being through the tunnel dryer. Remember we can source all types of garments, and are even able to bespoke all garments to suit your company colour’s or profile. This is subject to a minimum quantity, please call us for a quote.

How should I care for my garment?

  • Please wash screen printed garments inside out.
  • Use only cold or lukewarm water when washing (max. 40 degrees).
  • Use only mild soap or detergent.
  • Once washed take immediately out of the machine and hand to dry to minimize ironing. If the garment has to be ironed do this with the garment turned inside out.


Do you have a catalogue?

As designs and processes are always changing as well as our suppliers changing stock, it is not possible to print a catalogue to reflect these changes. Email us your queries and we will email the garments to suit you and your budget. Don’t forget the biggest plus point we are helping the environment as well as keeping the “ridiculous” Royal Mail postal charges down!

Do you have a minimum quantity for embroidery?

Unlike other garment decorators who insist on a minimum quality we don’t! You can embroider a single top, bear in mind that there will be an “origination” charge for the design to be digitalised. If you do not mind a stock design this will eliminate the origination cost but again this might not be exact to your requirements. If you go to our “special offer” page, we are offering design digitalising for only half price, of £4 per thousand as opposed to the normal rate of £8. A normal left breast embroidery design is normally 5,000 stitches.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are VAT registered. VAT is a UK sales tax (17.5%).
Our VAT number is GB 932 5535 25
VAT is charged on all items except children’s clothing which is zero VAT rated. 
All customisation services are VAT-able.

What type of payment do you accept?

Simple answer anything…as long as it has the Queen’s head on it! Seriously we accept, cheques (note, goods only ordered and dispatched after cheque has cleared), Bank transfer, Paypal (charge of 3.5% applies).

Why do you not accept debit/credit cards?

This would increase our cost and in turn would be passed on to the customer
and we do NOT want to do that!

Do you offer reduced prices in return for advertising K. C. Merchandising on our clothes?

We do and we don’t! We do not on small order but on larger order we might consider this, but each case is on it own merits. At the end of the day it’s your top why do you want to be an advertising board for us? If we have done a good job and you are pleased then tell all your friends, family, business associates!

Do you offer special price reduction for charities?

As long as you can present a charity number and proof of your charity status we would offer you FREE carriage. On top of this, it would be worth looking at out “Special Offers” page to see if these offers would also suit you.

Can I order a sample and how much will it cost?

We currently charge for samples to keep our prices down. Should we give samples away free we would be forced to raise our prices in line with that of our competitors, which is something we try hard to avoid.

Our sample procedure for garments is as follows:

Our clients purchase the samples, and if they chose to use them, in the order process they may do so. Garments are non returnable.

If you would like to go ahead and order a sample, please let me know what style, size and colour you are after along with a delivery address. Samples are normally dispatched Royal Mail 1st class and will be with you within 3 to 4 working days.

We can also sample up your decorated top before you commit to the main order, but you will be charged at the standard single rate depending on the garment used. If you place the main order the sample charges will be refunded less the cost of the total per garment price. Please not all screen, origination, artwork charges are payable irrespective if you place the main order or not and non refundable.

Artwork Guidelines


It is important that your garments are customised perfectly. You may have a design already made or you might like us to create one for you. Charges are listed below. If you are submitting artwork then it should be submitted in a suitable format as laid out in the artwork guidelines below, otherwise charges may apply. However, this is judged on a case-by-case basis and more often then not artwork is free. The guidelines are quite scary and have been written for professional graphic designers. A Word document, or jpeg may be sufficient. If you are unsure email






Simple Artwork & Submitted Artwork



Complex Artwork



Very Complex Artwork or Artwork from “scratch”

£25 per hour



Art design for screen printing is very different from any other type of design. This is due in large part to the inherent limitations of the screen printing process. In addition, the size of the designs necessitates the use of vector art as opposed to pixel based art. Blowing up art to fit on the full back of a t-shirt, or similar garment, (13.5″ x 18″) requires crisp and exact lines.
General rules for submission: The general rules for submitting artwork are as follows:

  • The art must be submitted in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw 10 (min. resolution must be 400dpi)
  • The art must contain not more than four different colours
  • The thinnest lines cannot be less than 0.25 point
  • There can be no gradients, shadows, or colour tints
  • All text should be converted to outline 

File Programs and Format:  Designs for clothing require the vector art format due to the necessity to blow up and resize art work. Since there are a variety of vector art programs, we have chosen the industry standard; Adobe Illustrator. If we had to get every vector art program and convert different versions of each file sent, we would have more trouble opening the files than we do already. We prefer the files to be sent in the .ai or .eps format (.pdf is also okay).  We also use CorelDraw, so even a JPEG image of high resolution can be emailed. Any file bigger than 1MB should be “zipped”.

No greater than four colours: It is important to understand the actual process of screen printing in order to understand why multiple colours’ cause problems. Each colour requires a separate screen to be created that corresponds to that colour. Then each screen must be perfectly registered over the other so that no overprinting of colours occurs. The more colours you print, the more likely you are to have a registration problem. If the colours overprint, or the (fabric moves or stretches, the shirt is then unsuitable for sale. Most of our customer’s tend to use 1 to 2 colours, this covers around 80% of our screen printing work. The more screens means more cost, if you have a 3 or 4 colour logo and only want to print, say 50 it would be better to reduce the colours to make this print run cost effective and still giving the results that you want.

Thinnest line can be no less the .25 point: Screens are made by putting a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface. Since the screen mesh is of a certain finite size, only lines over a certain line can actually hold the emulsion. So you are limited to about a .25 point line for screen printing.

Gradients: It is extremely difficult to accurately produce gradients when screen printing. This is because of the way they are produced. If you want to have the background of your design to go from navy blue to aqua blue by gradient, the only way to print it would be to use half tones. What this means is that the screen would be outputted from the computer with dots, which would increase in size as you went from one colour to the other. The navy blue would fade when printed because the dots would get bigger thus printing less of that colour. Then the Aqua screen would be just the reverse. Gradients are difficult to print. The printer can spend days with the art, testing garments and inks before producing a good product.

Text converted to outlines: Because there are thousands of fonts, and we could not have all of them installed in our computer, it is necessary for all text to be converted to outlines. This will allow us to view your files as they were designed, instead of having our program convert your font to one that is installed. If you don’t know who to convert text to outlines, please make sure you email a copy of the font you have used. In Windows, you can ‘copy & paste’ the font you used from the ‘fonts’ folder found in the control panel.